• Treating Dry Eyes
    How your team of optometrists at Skowron Eyecare in Elmhurst, IL, can help with dry eyes Do you notice your eyes frequently feeling dry, scratchy, and uncomfortable? If so, you could Read more
  • Myopia Management
    Skowron Eyecare Optometrists in Elmhurst, IL, can help you see clearly Myopia is a vision condition in which objects far away become blurred, and closer objects are clearer. It’s caused by Read more
  • Interested in Contact Lenses?
    When you have complications with your vision, there are many options you can choose from when it comes to daily life. If you’re looking for a solution that doesn’t involve Read more
  • Benefits of Contact Lenses
    Skowron Eye Care is here for you with a dedicated team of optometrists in Elmhurst, IL. We can help with all your eye care needs including glasses and contact lenses. Read more
  • How Often Should I Get An Eye Exam?
    Getting eye exams regularly is an excellent way to promote better eye health. The optometrist can monitor your vision and eye health and address potential concerns right away before any Read more
  • 4 Reasons to Make the Switch to Contact Lenses
    The choice of whether to use glasses or contact lenses differs from one person to another. Both glasses and lenses have their advantages and drawbacks depending on personal preferences. Some Read more
  • 5 Benefits of Contact Lenses
    5 Benefits of Contact Lenses   Contact lenses are an essential part of eye care. They allow you to see better and can help improve your vision by increasing contrast and brightness. Read more
  • Contact Lenses Vs Eyeglasses: What You Should Know
    Not sure if eyeglasses or contact lenses are right for you? The optometrists at Skowron Eye Care in Elmhurst, IL can help you consider all the pros and cons. Do you Read more
  • Proper Eye Care for Patients with Eye Conditions
    Many types of eye conditions can adversely affect vision, making it difficult to see clearly. Some eye conditions can occur at any age, while others are associated with the aging Read more
  • Who Makes A Good Candidate For Contacts?
    Is it time you made the switch from glasses to contacts? Around 45 million Americans wear contacts, according to the CDC. Perhaps you’re still wearing glasses but you’re considering whether Read more
  • How Diabetes Affects Your Eyes
    If you suffer from diabetes, it affects many parts of your body, including your eyes. For an eye examination in Elmhurst, IL, visit Skowron Eye Care. They have optometrists and staff Read more
  • What Is Strabismus?
    The Cause of This Condition The frustrating thing about strabismus is the relatively unknown nature of its causes. About half of all childhood cases occur at birth and have no apparent Read more
  • FAQs About Contact Lenses
    Contacts can allow you to see with ease and without the worry of keeping your glasses on all day. There are numerous types of contact lenses to fit with your Read more
  • How Often Should I Schedule An Eye Examination?
    Is it time to call your eye doctor for an appointment? Just as you visit the dentist for your routine dental cleanings and you visit your general doctor once a year Read more
  • Caring for Your Contact Lenses
    Contact lenses are a great upgrade over traditional eyeglasses, even beyond aesthetics. They liberate you from your frames, and your field of vision is liberated from them. This is further Read more
  • Importance of Eye Exams
    For most people, forgetting to have their eyes professionally examined is fairly easy to forget. After all, nothing could be wrong with your vision if you’re seeing clearly, right? The Read more

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